My most precious two

Jason Eu

Created: 2020/03/15

Modified: 2020/03/15

It is amazing to witness the coming of a life, even more this is an angel. You make me more completed, when you get out from your mothers body, I can feel I am not afraid of leaving the world without any trajectory. You are the part of me, but still so independent. You belong to nobody, you belong to yourself. We named you ‘点’ with the meaning ‘point’ after our family name ‘余’ meaning ‘remain’. After the Euclid’s definition ‘Point is which that has no part’. May you independent and wide and not affected by the change of dimension. Please, Please be brave. In this absurd and fucking world. The world is so fucking weird that deserves no your bad emotions. But it still worth to fight to combat. To be brave.

I know it is unfair to say that you are the continuation of my life, but thanks, you make me become fairless of death, but also fair to death. I really what to companion with you as long as I can. I am not as brave as before. You become my biggest care.

Last but not least, be good to your mom, and remind me of it. She is the hero of us, and may you be beautiful be brave be kind as your mom. You two are the most precious of my.